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Hafez & Partners and DLA Piper Collaborate in Safeguarding a Grounded Aircraft in Alexandria

We have represented an international aircraft lessor in securing its asset, an aircraft that was under the control of a lessee in breach of the terms and conditions of an Aircraft Lease Agreement.

Our team, led by Ahmed Hafez (Managing Partner), together with Karim G. Ghorab (Counsel, Head of Dispute Resolution), worked closely with aviation experts Tony Payne (Partner and Global Head of Aviation) and Eric Oehy (Associate) of DLA Piper – lead counsel for the lessor.

Working diligently side by side for almost two years, H&P along with DLA Piper’s aviation team solved and tackled unprecedented technical, legal, and practical issues the lessor encountered. Throughout the entire process, H&P and DLA Piper maintained open lines of communication and negotiation with government authorities. By engaging in constructive dialogue, we navigated the complexities of the situation and addressed regulatory concerns related to the non-airworthiness of the grounded aircraft.