Projects Energy and Infrastructure

Our experience across diverse industries has lent to Hafez & Partners’ insight of industry technologies and the relevant regulatory repercussions in utilizing them, hence allowing us to measure, anticipate and manage our clients’ risks, regardless the scale of the project.

From understanding the nature of the industry itself, to comprehending the legal structure by which its governed, and most of all, possessing the knowledge and skill to secure contractual concerns and hurdles, Hafez & Partners successfully aligns with clients on specific projects they’re pursuing in order to support them in expanding their businesses.

Two of the Middle East’s biggest focuses are energy and infrastructure, and never before have these two industries been as intertwined as they are today. Energy runs the heart of every economy, while infrastructure lends it the mobility to go global. Thus, these two areas also require a great deal of finesse when it comes to managing finance, development agreements and regulatory matters.

With a strong foundation in an array of industries, such as oil and gas, renewable energy, infrastructure, telecom and IT, Hafez & Partners has piloted major deals, navigating challenges that arise between stakeholders, local authorities, and lenders. From obtaining regulatory approvals, to drafting and negotiating joint venture, power-purchase, and intergovernmental arrangements, as well as providing guidance pertaining to construction, operational and management issues, we proactively seek to understand the underlying macroeconomic picture affecting projects, thus crafting innovative solutions to mitigate credit risks.